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October 2014

This site is dedicated to helping you find and learn about wildlife areas in the United States of America. Wildlife areas provide a refuge for resident and migratory species, allow native plants an area to grow, and act as a filter and storage area for one of most important resources, water. They are a great place to visit with the family and provide ample opportunities for recreation and photographers. Click on a state below to learn more about their wildlife areas. Thanks and enjoy!

2012 Events:
National Wildlife Week Mar. 11-18
International Migratory Bird Day May 18
National Fishing and boating Week June 02-10
Great Outdoors Week June 03-09
National Get Outdoors Day June 09
National Pollinator Week June 18-24
Federal Duck Stamp -TBD
National Hunting and Fishing Day Sept. 24
National Wildlife Refuge Week Oct. 14-20

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Sometimes when we visit wildlife areas or even in our backyards, our best friends (dogs) get a warning salvo from a skunk. Working at a Wildlife Area I caught the aroma on many occasions, but it happened to our best friends in the backyard of our house. Skunks cannot climb, but they will make it through any opening in your fence and they love pet food. Although we had no pet food out, that did not help our dogs. What did help were hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and a little Dawn dishwashing soap and this company cares about wildlife. If you activate your donation online, every bottle of Dawn you purchase will create a $1 donation to wildlife rescues (visit their website to learn more; follow them on Facebook ). In case you didn't know, Dawn is also used to help wildlife when they are victims of toxic spills. Petcare.com has several remedies for skunked pets, we recommend option one.

Turkey Vulture at Llano Seco, Upper Butte Basin Wildlife Area in California Mosquitoes at Llano Seco, Upper Butte Basin Wildlife
Area in California; don't forget the insect repellent!

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